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Macro for Single Axis Pt-2-Pt Translation


New member
I am almost finished my first design in NX-3 and the only thing that I really miss from my old software is the ability to translate selected objects from point to point but only in one axis (for example ignoring the Y and Z values of the reference and destination points and just using the X values for the translation). By going Edit-Transform-Translate-To A Point and then selecting a reference point automatically advances you to the destination point prompt without the option to edit the specified reference point in order to zero out two of the values. Similarly, selecting a destination automatically advances you out of Point Constructor without the ability to edit the selected point. I tried capturing the routine in a macro, but have not had any success in re-assigning the XC,YC or ZC values to zero after the User Entry for the ref and dest point selection within the macro.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


New member

In Transform you can use Translate - Delta and then enter the Delta value along the selected axis X,Y or Z. This saves you from having to select a reference point. The objects will move a delta value along the X, Y or Z. As far as recording a Macro make sure you use the "User Entry" option when selecting objects or entering values on dialogs.

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