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lose functionality in proe2001?


New member
For now i m obligate to work in Proe2001 to update for this client some drawings

For some kind of reason i want to make sufix and prefix for dimensions

How can i select manny dimension in the same time

now i select one by one and is boring and unusefull

Is some config.pro option? I don t find in Proe2001 and i know that exist in Wildfire or Proe2000 and 2000i

For example i want to attach for 3 dimensions the suffix;x2

I'm using 2001 and it works.

You select multiple dimension by holding down the 'Shift' key, then when selections are done, hold down the 'Right mouse button' until pop-up memu shows up.
Then select 'Properties' to add prefix or postfix.



New member
thanks but the problem is mouse buttons

when i hold ctrl key obtain windows zoom

i will try to chenge something to my mouse