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looking for tips to ...

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OK, is this a trick question>

1. Measure it

2. Check the model tree for the first (in most cases) protrusion

3. Make a dummy drawing

Steve C


New member
I don't know if my problem has a simple solution...

I tried to measure it with a ruler as gggggggggg sugests, but someone said that in this case my ruler must be scaled in pixels


New member
to pjw:

acctualy you're wrong, real dims are bigger.

Hope this will help you for further measurements.

Best regards!


New member
You could use model notes to display this info. These can be turned on or off if you don't want to see them. For the note you could type X = &d12 and so on. The information will always be up to date and displayed on screen all the time if you wanted it to be.

Nose Bleed

New member
Um... have you tried----> Modify>dimensions>(click on the feature you wish to dimension)...the dimensions will show up on the screen..

OR... Redefine your sketch, all your dimensions will pop up in sketcher mode - pending your orientation...


New member
Like kschubert recommends, you can create reference dimensions, or use Analysis > Measure and choose Distance from the drop-down menu to measure the distance from one surface to another. If you have a license for BMX, you can create this measurement as a feature in your model, creating a parameter for the value of the measured distance. That way, it's parametric; your model ever changes, the value will update.

David Martin

Torgon Industries
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