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Long time Pro/E user.....NEW to 2001


New member
I have been using Pro/E since Rev 9. I have a lot of experience

with 2000i and breief experience with 2000i2. After a LONG

period of unemployment after 9/11, I am about to start a

brief assignment using 2001. I have been searching the web

for info on major differenaces between 2000i-2001 and

2000i2/2001. As a long time user, my MAJOR hurdle is

dealing with the Intent Manager. I would like to know what

other pitfalls and minefields I sould be looking out for. Since

this contract is short, I want to be PRODUCTIVE with Modeling

and Drafting QUICK as possible. ANY help would be GREATLY



New member
2001 is the biggest change since rev 20. And now they are making WILDFIRE a bigger change still. With 2001 most everything is in a different location. Here is a short list of the things that boggled me when I first used it.

1.Datum features are now created by INSERT/DATUM menu on the main window, instead of FEATURE/CREATE/DATUM on the right.

2.In sketcher there is a sketch menu in the main window instead of the rightside menu. And you must hold SHIFT to select multiple items.

3.In drawing mode you must use INSERT menu for dimensions, symbols, notes, etc..,

4.You must also use EDIT menu to modify values, notes, and modify attach, etc..,

5.You must use format menu to modify text style, line style, and number of digets.

The good thing about all these changes, is if you set up your CUSTOMIZE SCREEN options, you can use mapkeys, and icons for everything just like before. Thus minimizing the learning curve. Overall it's not that much different, just re-styled.


New member
ProFishent has missed a major point in that almost all the commonly used commands are accessible with a right mouse button click. The drawing mode is the best yet. Nearly every thing is available via RMB clicks.

My two cents about Intent Manager: Since you have been using Pro/E since Rev.9, you certainly have your way of using sketcher. Forget about it. Intent Manager is THE BEST thing to ever take place in Pro/E. You MUST learn it if you want to be fast & productive.

Somebody will reply to this and say Intent Manager makes assumptions and that is not your design intent. NO CRAP GENIUS! The whole point of Intent Manager is to make assumptions so you never have to regenerate a sketch, the sketch is always regenerated. If the system makes an assumption, it is shown in GRAY. You can then evaluate the assumption, leave it alone if it is OK, or change the sketch by adding constraints or more dimensions to satisfy your design intent.


New member
Thanks for help everyone!!!! One more question. If ANYONE

knows any specific Web resources for folks like (old Pro/E

users coming to grips with 2001 for the first time) I would

LOVE to get some URL's

XCAD and SPELING thanx for your offers. I'll be in touch.

I'll MOSTLY be doing Modeling and Drafting, some Assemblies

later, so those three things are before me on 2001.

THANX AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you want to get in some time modeling with Pro/E 2001 before you go on the job you should be able to get a copy of Pro/E 2001 Student Edition here:

The part files created are not compatable with the Commercial version but the sofware functions almost exactly the same. The Student Edition also plots a prompt on the plotted drawings For Educational Use Only. No prob. if you goal is to learn part modeling. Get some good 2001 training manuals and you're set!


New member
I started my contract last Thursday. Thanks to the help here

and reference material I found on the Web, the learning

curve was far less painful than I feared. I still have more

to learn, but I am productive. My next task is to learn as

much as I can before I have to deal with Pro-Detail to do

drawings. There is bound to be a LOT of changes there too!!!!



New member
FYI If you get tired of fighting with Intent Manager you can un-check the Intent Manager button under Sketch in the menu bar along the top of the main window.

I didn't see anyone covering that tidbit.


New member
Thanks rayferriss

YES!!! That was one of the things I looked for. However once

I took a more open attitude, I got along with the Intent

Manager quite well. It's cool!!! My very FIRST cross with it

about 1 1/2 years ago I was stressed anyway, I said what is

this @#$#, I've got a job to do. Thinking at first that in 2001

you could NOT turn IM off, I was determied to deal with it.

Once I found out you could turn it off, I said what the hell,

let's learn the thing so I did. However on one feature at the

new contract, I said the hell with it and turned it off, cause

I had to work in Polar Grid mode.

By the way, this contract is only due to last about six weeks.

After that I'll be looking for work again. I am in Califorina in

the 714, 949 area code. 562, 310, 909 and some parts of 760

are within driving distance as well. So think of me!!!..:) :) :)


New member
Due to a snap Re-orginazation by big wigs the contract

that SHOULD have lasted 5 weeks barely lasted one!!!

So ONCE AGAIN I am URGENTLY seeking work in the

Southern California area (714-949-563-310-909-760 etc)

I've used Pro/E for 10 years, Solid Modeling mostly. also

2 years of Pro-Surface, which I have not used for a while

so I'd be a little rusty at first.

And yes, good ol' Pro-Detail Drafting as well.

I'm not picky, Perm/Temp, contracts lasting months, weeks,


I know MOST of the Pro/E-centric Recruiters BUT a few could

have been overlooked, so ANYONE with tips and suggestions

I'm all ears.

I have experience in Plastics, I've worked at Symbol,

Mattel , and Hardie Irrigation.

I've also worked in Decorative Plumbing Surface Modeling

Brass Faucets and other up-scale goodies.

I don't have much experience in Sheet Metal or Machine

Design, but I am VERY interested in learning if given

the oppurtunity.

I'm still new to Pro/E 2001, but I worked with it long enough

to feel comfortable.

I own a number 3D software like IronCad, Form Z and Rhino

and I can Export both IGES and STEP which Imports to Pro/E

very nicely.

I also own 3D Rendering programs that can take a Pro/E

IGES/STEP/STL/DXF files and create Realistic Images

for Ads and things.

So ANY Pro/E folks in SoCal that might be able to lend a hand

I'd be VERY GRATEFUL!!!!!!



New member

I can relate to a long time off. Since the end of April, 02. I, too, just recently, had a two to six week contract that lasted two weeks! To add insult to injury, I had to work in ACAD! YAKKK!! What a giant leap back in time.

As to Intent Manager; I start a model/feature there, then have to shut it off to make changes. It just seems too cumbersum. And having to reclick on the change icon for every dim. What's up with that?

Hoping we both find work. For me, anywhere will do.