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logarithmic curve


New member

i want ask someone to help with creating curve with equation driven by logarithmic function ln(x) or log(x).Probelm is that parameter t is from 0 to 1, of course ln(o) is nonsense, so i added to equation small cheat- for example equation of curve in xy plane looks like this:




but when i want to create curve with x from 0,01 to 100 it is problem.first way is to create many curves like this and change in x equation 0,01 to 1.01 than 2.01....etc. But how to create this in one single step in one curve???


New member
you're right I realized it


when range is interval you can specify outside of equation as a parameter and drive the curve without redefinition-thanks

I need this curve for stress study of rolling contact in the roller bearing-does anybody know real logarithmic profile of rollers or where to find part with this geometry??


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