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Line weights ??


New member
How can i change the line thickness and line color in 2001? With the current setting my model looks horrible when printed.
Sounds like you did not set up the pen table (.pnt)

Below is sample of my pen table file.

BTW, I'm using 2001.

pen 1 thickness .03 cm; letter_color, magenta_color

pen 2 thickness .06 cm; drawing_color, background_color, dimmed_color, section_color, attention_color, edge_highlite_color

pen 3 pattern .2, .1 cm; thickness .03 cm; half_tone_color

pen 4 thickness .1 cm; highlight_color


New member
There are also options for assigning line weights to pens:

pen1_line_weight, pen2_line_weight, etc.


New member
As far as I can tell I have no .pnt table called out anywhere, but I'm still able to plot. What is telling pro to use what pens to plot/print my drawings? Same question for line weights, also.

confused, big time...

Steve C


New member
Hi all, Thanks very much for your replies.

From where should i open the file (.pnt) to edit and save it. i can see the file from tools>options and unselecting the check box which says show only options loaded from file but i cant open and edit the .pnt file.


New member

The pen table file (.pnt) should reside in your plotter directory ( option pro_plot_config_dir). The default location, i.e. no option set, is \text\plot_config.

The .pnt file is a flat ascii text file use Wordpad or Notepad to open and edit it.


Active member
I change pen1_line_weight, pen2_line_weight, etc values in the file and there is no change in the drawing print out. I am using WF 2. The same changes worked with ProE 2001.

Please help. Also please tell me how to create the pen table as charleskim has mentioned in this discussion.



Active member
No problem, the problem was the bug in M010 which has been fixed in M030 and later releases.



New member
I am having the same problems with line weights, but also with the line styles in wildfire 1.0 when plotting it makes the center lines, phantom lines, and section lines look like they need to be scaled at 3x there normal size. lf anyone could can they post a pen mapping pnt file



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