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line thickness in sketcher


Active member
I gave assignment to one of my worker to create sketches in ProE 2001. He has just started ProE and is expert in AutoCAD.

He wants to have thick lines in sketcher.

How can he have that?

Thanks in advance.



New member
Why does he want thick lines? Is he having trouble seeing in the solid world? It really shouldn't make any difference what thickness the lines of a sketch are if you can visualize what you're doing.

Steve C


New member
I think he's stuck with changing the default colors for background and line type. Hopefully he can come up with a scheme that makes it easy to see. Personally I hate the blended background.

Bernie Hayden



New member
Explain to your staffer that sketcher lineweights (actually the lack thereof) have no influence over the lineweights of visible and hidden edges in the drawing. The sketcher serves only to define 3-D geometry, it has nothing to do with how it will appear on paper.