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Limits of quantity in repeat regions


New member

I have a relay big assembly with huge number Of single component (over 40 000), as well as other components. When I create assembly drawing and set Attributes in repeat region to recursive and no duplicates Wildfire crashes every time when number of single component is bigger then 39600 (we have Wildfire 2.0 on Win XP SP2). I have tried to create new repeat region with only index and asm.name in rows but the result is the same => every time when umber of component is bigger the 39600 Wildfire crash. This is big problem to me because I must create bill of materials on my assembly drawing (for current project number of this components is over 65 000), and anyone knows how to solve this I'l be gratefully.


New member
So does no one knows how to resolve this problem?

Now I have another question: is it possible to cerate parameter witch is equal to &rpt.qty of single component, or create parameter witch Will count number of single component in assembly?


New member
You don't have to create a drawing to get an accurate B.o.M. You can do
it directly in the assembly by using Info/Bill of Materials. You won't
get all the options that Table gives you and you will have to edit
format.bft in your <loadpoint>\text folder to show the desired
parameters but it may help you out of your situation.

&rpt.qty already counts all occurences of a component in an assembly. Why do you want to count it again?


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New member
Thanks for replay!

Now I will explain my problem a bit more. I'm working on variant construction, and every time when users change parameters in layout it's change whole assm. Depend of parameters the number of this particular component changes (along whit others), and I must have documentation of numbers of this component in drawing (so user can open drawing, regenerate, and print drawing whit new changes). Because WildFire 2.0 crash every time i tried to create repeat region table (and when the number of this components is bigger 39600) I'm unable to create successfully BoM in drawing (only whit Info/Bill of materials as You suggest). Then I tried whit different method in which I wont to create a user define parameter which is equal to &rpt.qty of single part (the component which number is bigger then 39600), but I wasn't successful.


New member
So I call Support, they check the issue and it's bug. It will be fixed I suppose in next release, I just hope it will be soon.