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Limit Dimensions in Drw


New member
Hello All,

When I show/erase dimensiong of PART, wf shows Limit dimns,

But I need only two dimns. are Limit, others are Normal.

Any solutions?


Active member
Also you need to know about drawing templates. You must have your custom drawing template and format.



New member
Hello rrleclair,

Thanks for your answer. It works fine. But, Ihave tocreate new drawing file. The previous created file and the views are not giving perfect ascompared the first one. (ie. some of the dimns. are notnominal)


Hot to update the drawing if I change in the config.pro file?

Thanks in advance,


New member
once you change your config.pro file, in your drawing you may have to change the properties of each dimension to nominal (you could probably do a group select and change them all at once), changing the config.pro file should only affect new dimensions