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limit ball connection ROM


New member
Is there any way to limit the range of motion of a ball connection in Pro/Mechanism?

I have a ball and socket joint and I am needing to show the actual ROM of the two components. Right now I have the ball and a planar connection set up and I'm limiting the rotation of the planar connection. However this only allows motion in one direction. At the very least I would like to be able to set it up for front to back motion (which I have) and left to right motion.

If anyone has any ideas I'd apprecieate it.



New member
I also have an application where I have links (dog bones)with spherical bearings at both ends. The spherical bearings allow a swivel motion between the link and mating parts. I have the parts assembled using ball connections but I would like to limit the ROM of this swivel. Ialso have not found a solution. Any assistance would be much appreciated.



New member
I know on Pin Joints you can limit the angle that the pin joint swivels between. You may be able to set a similar limit for angle between planes to limit the ROM of the ball and socket joint. I'll try to test it out and see if it's possible.

You may be able to set up reference parts with pin conections that can be constrained to certain angle ranges and have the ball connection limited by them.



New member
Thanks for the suggestion mjcole_ptc. I have been able to approximate the motion in two directions with the use of two dummy parts assembled with pin connections at right angles to each other.

It would be nice if I could approximate the motion a little better but this is the major motions I needed.


New member
mjcole_ptc wrote,"I know on Pin Joints you can limit the angle that the pin joint swivels between."

What things does one need to do in the Component Placement dialog box to limit the angle of rotation with a pin joint? I can't find an option for limits of rotation when creating the connection.



New member
Hello Chaps

I have done a few mechanism projects now and have had to use stops and motion limitations.

My most sucessful method is to use cams.

Thinking about this problem, thelimitation is that cams can't be spherical geometry, and obviously, in theory, that would have been best here. However, I'm sure that you could get more simple geometric shaped surfaces to do the job you want.

If you wish, mail me the files and I'll have a play.




New member

You set the limits of rotation on the pin joints in the mechanism module of ProE. You assemble the components with a normal pin connection and then you can go into mechanism and then you can right click on the connection and select "Joint Axis Settings". That's where you get to set up the zero position and the limits of rotation.

Hope it helps.


New member
Thanks for the tip justgeo. I was trying tolimit the joints in Standard mode.

It's working now.