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License sharing between locations


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I have three differnet locations that i want to float license to.

The base computer is linked to the internet though cable modem how can i float to the other 2 sites?


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That is a question for a qualified I.T. person.

Our company shares licences from our home site (where I work) to our remote site. What we call The Network is set up so both sites can see the same network drives. My computer is the Pro/E license server. As long as a computer at the remote site is on The Network, it can grab a license from my computer.

You need to have a qualified I.T. person set up your Network capability so other computers can see your computer through the internet. Once this is done, setting up Pro/E on that computer is the same as setting up a computer at your site to grab a floating license. Then again, this is all assuming you even have floating licenses. If you don't, you are hosed. Start crying now.


If the computer you are on can see the license server over a network, then you can grab a license from the license server if any seats are available. If so, run ptcsetup.bat and when it asks you for the license server, enter the computer name or IP address of the license server.

We have about 150 computers looking at the same license server. Our license has many seats available on it. Each time a Pro/E session is started, it uses up a seat. If all the seats are taken from that license server, no one else can start a new session of Pro/E. So in your case, if you start up more than one Pro/E session, then your license must have an adequate number of seats to give.


Setting up two sites to securely share a network using the Internet involves setting up a VPN (virtual private network).

It sounds complicated, but it's really not too bad these days

Pretty much, all you need is two of these (~$200 each):


For more info, check out page 13 of the Quick Install Guide for this product:


Once a VPN is up and running between 2 sites, computers on one end will be able to grab floating licenses from a server on the other end.

-Brian Adkins

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