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license problems with wildfire 2.0 F000

laser guy

New member
We have a flexlm server with 1 foundatation, 2 foundation advantages, and 1 product modeler. When we load two copies of WF2 (1 foundation and 1 foundation adv), we cannot load a 3rd copy of WF2. When you run ptcstatus, it has pulled the licenses. When you check task manager xtop is sitting there not doing anything. If you wait until someone else gets off it automatically loads 2.0 using that xtop. We can load a copy of WF1 (the second foundation 2.0) when the other two people have WF2 up, but not WF2.

All of the licenses were upgraded to 2.0 at the same time so that shouldn't be a problem. We reinstalled WF2.0 on each machine, and still have the problem. We also restarted the flexlm. The only thing we haven't done is reinstalled flexlm, because our IT guy went on vacation the day the problem occurred :)

PTC has been working on it for 4 business days now. Does anyone have any suggestions?


New member
Laser Guy,

I would re-run ptcsetup in the Wildfire/bin folder and check each of your launch commands to make certain that the batch file for foundation seat isn't trying to grab a component of Foundation Advantage - and vice-versa. Also, if you're launching through Intralink, run ptcsetup on that as well and see what the default Pro launch command is.

WF1 & 2 allow you just run the proe.exe file and then a sub-window will appear with a list of the available configurations that you've predefined in ptcsetup. Perhaps if you explained more about how you are launching Pro.......?


laser guy

New member

That is a really good idea. I may run setup on each machine to dedicate foundation and it's components to one machine. Then dedicate the foundationadv and their components to the other machines.

That's why they pay you the big bucks.



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