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License for Wildfire II


New member
I am currently running Pro-E 2001 and Wildfire onmy laptop. I was successful at installing Wildfire II (build M130), except that it won't load because the license request failed. My license is version 24 and I might need a license version 25. Unfortunately I did not buy the maintenance with my Pro-E license so I can't get help from PTC. Am I 'SOL' or does anyone knowof a way to get WildfireII to work with a version 24 license, possibly an older build?


New member
I think you're pretty much SOL.

You could try calling 1877ASK4PTC, this is for the license management
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<DIV>You are definately SOL. New license codes are available only if you are under maintenance.</DIV>
<DIV>This begs the question: How did you get a set of WF2 CD's?. Like license codes, PTC won't give CD's to you unless you are under maintenance.</DIV>
<DIV>If you are borrowing someone else's CD's, that won't do you any good.</DIV>