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License Borrowing


New member
Is there a way to borrow a Pro/e License for a computer that is not connected to the license server network?

For example can you borrow a license on one computer and copy a file and put the license on a computer that cannot be connected to the network?


If you mean Can you borrow a license on a laptop then it can be done for a number of days.

What you need to do is :-

connect the laptop to the network

run ptcsetup on the laptop & point to the license server you want to borrow the license from

run proe_borrow & choose the number of days you want to borrow the license for.

You can then disconnect from the server & still use Wildfire on the laptop until the number of days have passed.


New member
The laptop CANNOT be connected to the network. I can borrow a licese to a computer that is connect but I want the licese on the laptop that cannot be connected.


I think that Pro/E requires a network card to function - the physical address of the network card is the Host ID of the computer. Without this, Pro/E won't run.

So I don't think that you can borrow a license without a network adapter. Each of the license files has the Host ID of the computers that are allowed to use it coded in, which means that copying the file won't work.

One way that may work is to go to the PTC website & request a change to one of the license files, so that it will work on the laptop - but this isn't borrowing the license, just transferring it to another computer.


New member
Another way of doing this is to buy a usb network adapter. Transfer the license file to this adapter and install the license server on both machines.

You then just need to insert the adapter into the machine that you want to work on.(Same principle as working with a dongle)