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LCS & Ground Body


New member
Can anyone give a definition of these ?

PTC help is kind of sparse, they tend to overlook the most basic items...

Also, how do you set the LCS for a body ?


New member
When I set the LCS for an animation it doesn't remain in the same location so when I do a rotation everything wanders.

Any suggestions as to how to fix ???


New member
Don't think LCS is located at the centroid of a part - or assembly for that matter.

From what I can tell these can only be located at a csys. but I'm not clear on this nor is PTC documentation.

I have an assembly that consists of only one part which has only one csys and the assembly has one csys itself. This means two LCSs.

When I use the part LCS to rotate around everything works as expected. When I rotate about the assembly LCS this LCS wanders.

The only reliable LCS is the part LCS but unfortunately any translation or rotation moves this LCS too.

I apologize for asking such basic questions. Have you actually used animation ???