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Layouts used to lock parts


New member
I want to use a Layout to lock assembly constraints for a part or subassembly.

This would also serve as a way of locking that part to the assembly unless a change was made in the Layout.

Anyone know if this is possible?


New member
I do this with datum curves.

Use them to make a part that captures your intent ie hole locations, height, width, pivots etc.

This should the first part in your assembly so you can copy them easily into other parts.

Theres probably a more refined way but I have been doing this for years and it has served me well.



New member
yeah, its called a skeleton part. skeletons in my opinion are more limiting than an actual part used as a skeleton.

skel parts are something ptc stole from an intelligent user like yourself using a part exactly the way you are using it. to transer design intent from the top, down. top down design is a very robust design philosophy. layouts fit into the (top) picture but they need to be a bit more powerful i think.

you sound like a innovative person with pro but this technique has been robbed already. thanks for the reply


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