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Large Assy Mangement & Dwgs


New member
Is there a list of "gotchas" with respect to simplification of large assemblies?

What it amounts to, is that the assembly drawing in question needs a speed boost & the top level assembly exceeds the microsoft 1.6 GB per process limit.

The "fix" to utilize 3 GB per process involved a reload of the machine last time around, so that doesn't appear viable.

Need a good assessment of Graphic & Geom Reps & Envelopes.

Apparently you can't balloon to Geom Reps (unless it was a regular rep when the balloon was added).


New member

Is there any value in nesting shrinkwraps?

What of nesting geom reps?

(a subordinate geom rep inside another geom rep, for example. Or am I just as well off addressing the highest level assy & skip the subassys?)


New member
You can use drawing reps which will erase views on loading the drawing. You can either erase all views or just show a particular view or set of views that you wish to work on. It also greatly helps when you save the drawing. We managed to cut a drawing opening time down from 20 minutes to 3 minutes and the save time from 39 minutes to 30 seconds by using drawing reps. The only problem comes when you want to print the drawing where you need all the views to be resumed, for this we load the drawing and print on a spare PC where we can just leave it and get on with something else whilst it prints.