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Laptops, IBM vs Dell?


New member
Scanning the known Universe.

Inviting comments from the User base regarding use and issues on IBM and Dell laptops for running ProE. How's the hardware reliability and vendor experience been?

Corporate wants to make a decision on standardizing all laptops. Thanks in advance for your responses.


New member
I am looking at a toshiba p20 with a 17 inch display.

Does anyone have any experience with it?

Its big and and kind of bulky but its got a 3.2 ghz p4.



New member
I have used several versions of Dell laptops, including Inspiron 8000 series, and the M50 / M60 models. I really like the M60 I use now, with the exception of hooking it up to projectors. The larger screen offers great resolution locally, but I always seem to have a hard time using it with projectors.

Reliability-wise, I'd rate the Dells as above average. We use them hard (meaning a *lot* of traveling...) I have experienced some hard disk failures, though. Makes a good case for backing up.



I'm looking at the HP ZD7020 with 17 display and NUMERIC KEYPAD. It should be great for Pro/E but like all but Apple 17 laptops it is a pig (almost 10 lbs and short battery life). Has anyone used it yet?


New member
I was looking for a new system a few months ago and decided to max out as much as possible for the moeny. I ended up picking up a Dell Inspiron 5150. Here are the Specs:

3.06GHz Processor w/ HyperThreading

512MB Ram (1GB Ram was too high from Dell - and hard to find otherwise at the time)

15.1 - 1600x1200 UXGA Active Display

64MB Nividia Graphics Card (Dual Monitor Support included)

7200rpm 60GB HD

WinXP Pro



802.11 g Wireless Networking

NO - Floppy, Serial, Parallel

Price ~$2300 after rebates & Special Offers.

Overall - Great Value and robust with Pro/E. I was a little concerned about not having a parallel port or floppy - but it has not been an issue. The biggest issue is WindowsXP - what a memory and processing HOG!

Hope this helps provide a comparison.



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