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Laptop for Creo and Rendering work


New member
Is it more worth getting a workstation with a better graphics card, or a beefier processor? It seems to me that Creo isn't heavily dependent on graphics hardware, versus NX and other programs. I'm a college student trying to admin a Formula SAE team's CAD work (Creo), and I also do freelance video and photo work.

I'm debating between a high end Sager, which would have a desktop class i7 loaded inside and a GeForce card, versus something from a traditional ISV like a Dell Precision which would have a weaker mobile i7 but a M3000M / M5000M. I know the consensus is to get a certified rig, but just wondering whether anyone had experience on choosing a faster CPU or GPU on Creo.

From my research on Specviewperf benchmarks, it seems that Creo is not as sensitive to GPU; it looks like the Maxwell GeForces trade blows with the Quadros, which is interesting on the NX benchmarks, the Quadros absolutely annihilate the GeForces. If that is true, it seems like I'd get more performance by going with a beefier processor and retain a better GPU for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.