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Landing gear assembly


New member
I have been given a project to create a landing gear. I have created all the parts and made the assembly. My problem is how to place the pins at these three given ground points so when I do a dynamic analysis those three points will not move with the rest of the object. The sheet given just has three points called PNT0.

PNT0-- (-9.6)----

PNT0 | (29.379)

| |


------------------(-27.145)-------------------------------PN T0

best way to describe it...Anyone can help thanks!


New member
you have an e mail adres ?

a have something but a i think must modify

could handle with if you have the solid models?

I can send- you some




New member
I figured out how to make datum points. now when I assembly I have major trouble aligning my parts to these points.

I made a seperate part of 3 datum points. Went into assembly mode and loaded points file. Now I load a part to align with the points and I can not figure out how to easily.