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LAM or TDD Books or Tutorials



Anyone know where I can find a book or tutorial on Large Assembly Mangemant or Top Down Design? I know there are PowerPoint presentations from the last Pro/Users conference and previous ones.

These are great, but not as useful without the speaker (unfortunately I wasn't at the last conference). Any other references?


New member
Good luck..

The best documentation I've seen for TDD is in SolidWorks documentation:

View attachment 251

These user presentations with or without the presenter these are hard to understand.

On one presentation the presenter (or author may be more accurate) claims TDD started in 1971 in software engineering. Not sure how the author thinks everything was designed prior to 1971 !!!

To the best of my knowledge every ship, plane, building, tractor, tank, truck, automobile ever built has been designed with some kind of TDD technique..

I apologize for using SW stuff but they are an order of magnitude higher than PTC in their documentation.


New member
I think that presenter was Brian Adkins and the impression I had was that the first reference to the term TDD was made in 1971.

I donnt think he meant that it did not exist before then.