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Lack of experience


New member
Basic experience: Mechanical Design Engineer

New experience: Pro-E 2001, year 2001

Total experience, equals: zero or lack of it!

How to get over this barrier, because this is the second year without work, and it is not convenient at all.

All I got is do you have minimum 3years of Pro-E and 5 years of engineering, below this is no life at all? Did we all born with beard and teeths?

Could anyone help me over this situation, I have no clue and ran out of ideas too.


New member
You could go to work in India. The guys that work for us make about $2/hr. At this rate you could pay off your college loans in like.... 150 years.

If you don't like that idea. Contact PTC and get a copy of Pro-E student addition. Search Monster constantly for any contract jobs. You may have to start as a detailer, but you will be getting experience. I understand if you don't want to move around, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get the experience. Contracting can really teach you a lot about different businesses and their cultures. You can take what you learn from all of these and make a great permanant employee somewhere.


New member
I am drawing with the Student version, have @ 300 hours accumulated allready, what people want is Professional exposure, not homework experience, unfortunatly. By the way India is not a bad place to be, looking around in our backyard at the moment, beats starving with intelligence


New member
This is so sad, because only 3.45% of the readers of my post really took the time and interest to answer. Whats wrong with you people, no wonder I can't find work, I taugh that we help each other. I did not asked to give me your diamonds, I just hoped that the willing to help will overcome ignorance.

Thank you for those who replyed!


New member
All I can suggest is to get some contract work but that's tough without anything less than 5k hours.

Volt Technical Services ( ) are in SD and they place Pro/E people..

Are you limiting your search to SD ??


New member
Don't get mad at people because they don't respond immediately-- people are busy and they can't respond to every question. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

As for San Diego, you might want to look into Northrop Grumman in the Rancho Bernardo area. They work on UAV's, and they're constantly hiring. (Many of their engineers are pulling mandatory 60 hour weeks.) Also Solar Turbines is a huge Pro E company.

And if you haven't done so already, you should register with all the engineering job shop firms (e.g., Volt, Manpower, Adtek, PEAK Technical, Butler International) and technical placement websites (Dice, Yahoo Jobs, Hotjobs, SPACEJOBS, etc.).

You might also want to work on your spelling and grammar-- sure it isn't technical related, but it does affect hiring (and message responses).


New member
I did and doing all you suggested, people are calling, for contract positions specially they need more, the rest of the market is hidden, to get in must have more friends than good references. That is what I am hoping to get from here, a bridge over the water.


New member
Take a look at the 'network' e-mail exploder at Most people looking for pro/e will advertise there.

Seriously look into expanding your marketability by learning solidworks or another package. It doesn't hurt to have an assortment of tools in your toolbox. Go to user group meetings etc

Also - don't assume that lack of pro/e experience is the stumbling block. If I read your original message right it may be lack of TOTAL experience. Believe me, its a tough market out there and there are plenty of experienced engineers available.


New member
I am applying for positions with Pro-E 2001, what I learned 2 years ago from a State University. I am a Design Engineer, with more than 10 years of experience, but because I don't have experience with the software in professional field, recruiters are not providing employment naming: lack of experience and right away I am classified to entry level. I am not a beginner with the profession, only with the CAD software, this is giving me the obstacle, what I here I have lack of it!

I saw 145 readers and 3 replies that soured me, not my impatience.

Thank you all!


New member
These are the words of Bob Hoffman, June's winner in his short presentation about his experience: at What's new

Eventually, budget cutbacks forced me to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. Fortunately, the CAD training made me a little more marketable, because no one seemed to care that I had an engineering degree, they were only concerned at what sort of CAD experience I had.

Here I am again, at the beginning of conversation, how to...?


New member
Finding a job is never an enjoyable process. The only good time to look for a job is when you have one. It seems to me that employers no longer want engineers, designers, and detailers. They want engineers that can do most of the CAD work themselves. At least, it seems the tendancy is toward that.

No one was born with the skills to land them the dream job, I think most people reading this forum have taken their lumps at one time or another. Remember too, getting a job is presentation... and a little bit of luck. We all have read job descriptions that look like they were written for us and no one else, and can't understand how we couldn't even get called in for an interview.

And sometimes... people read your post, and don't respond because they have nothing to say.


New member
Most jobs I've ever got have not been through networking but through ads etc.

Definitely the most important factor is your resume.

Would recommend you bullet specific projects you've worked on and embellish with some numbers, e.g:

* Team member on $xxx,000 program for new laser development.

* Responsible for manufacturing dept of 40+ employees in small manufacturing company.

* Design Engineer with 2,000+ hours on Pro/E Mechanical Design Software.

* Introduced new concepts for Laser and Telecommunication equipment resulting in an estimated savings of &xxxx.


New member
Perhaps first fast boat to China would do. They are starting grande over the big pond- there you may have a better chance.

Engineering (and manufacturing related jobs) is a dying art here in the U.S. of A.

Here, if you are a Kenneth Lay, or a Kozlowski, or Martha Stewart, you've made it. The climate is well suited for that kind of work.(don't take me wrong, stealing legally requires brains that's why I still qualified these guys' efforts as work).

Otherwise, 20 years from now you'll still be paying your wooden box which holds the roof above your head( we call these houses) and perhaps you'll be slave in debt overhead if you had children and wanted to send them to college.

May God lead you and tons of luck !



New member
My problem is that I was holding up for two years in the hope and positive thinking, that I will find work, no matter what, optimistic as I am, but unfortunately time ran out, my savings too, now due or die hold on one more time and have more depth or start something new and dream about in what I know and believed so strongly. My grandpa said once: you can do only one thing well, the rest is butchers work, and I guess he was right.


New member
start small didn't PTC offer some type of cert.? I have worked with alot of young Engineers who could draw a straight line but could learn fast, start as a drafter or contract house, if SD is flooded than look else where for 3 to 6 month contract.

I start in proe because a small commpany in the backwoods need some who could drive proe, they really didn't care that all my experince was on a student verision


New member
Hi, Chill2001

If you guys need a Design Engineer with plenty of Pro-E 2001 experience and lots of interest in learning new, give me a buzz!

Also extensive experience with AutoCad2000, learning Solid Works


New member
10years exp. and no job because of lack of CAD - my guess is they love your experience to death but don't want to pay to train you as they need you to hit the ground running with designing on CAD. CAD really does make the engineering world go round these days check out the Boeing 777 for example!

Good luck man I agree it is absurd and soul destroying.


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