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"knock nuts"


New member
I'm looking to draw / call-out a stamped and tapped hole in
a sheet metal part. A manufacturer calls them a "knock nut"
but I can't find anything when searching for that term.
Is there an industry term for this?
Basically a sheet is stamped to make "volcano" shape, then
the inside of the volcano is tapped.
What do I call this? and is there standard way to draw it
or call it out in a drawing?

Thank you in advance


New member
mm.. I don't think so. I'm looking for a couple things:
1. What is the name of this feature:
Top Right
not the clip itself, just the feature that's
stamped into the silver clip - I should be able to stamp
similar feature in a large sheet.
2. any design information about rules for creating them

It's not necessarily a SW-specific question... I just
SheetMetal guys hang out here.

EDIT: better picture
The feature, not the clip
Edited by: jknight