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New member
I have been having trouble creating a feature in wildfire that was easy in 2000. I cannot get a rectangular knee on a 90 degree radiused corner in a sheet metal part.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting ideas besides comparing radius thickness?


New member
I still haven't heard back, maybe because no one has any info, but I have a picture of an old 2000 part that has the feature I want to create.
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New member
Maybe the problem is on my end, but I don't see any picture...not even the "red x" place marker.

Could you email me the pic?

That aside, I will say that WF sheetmetal is a lot more strict about part thickness. It prevented me from creating non-uniform thickness extruded holes that I could do easily if previous versions.


New member
What I would like to know is what is the limiting radius in the form tool? It seems that any inside radius that the form tool creates on the part has to be 2x the material thickness (which doesn't make sense because physically you can form the sheetmetal untill the ouside radius is the material thickness). Is this a glitch in the tool, or am I missing something.

I finally got the feature to work by defining the punch to have large radii (approx 4x the material thickness). I think that the problem was coming from the fold at the corner of the sm part failing with the radius on the punch. What I would like is to define the punch with no radius at that corner so it doesn't even bite into the sm at all. But the darn tool fails unless that radii is there. I don't think we are willing to sacrifice tight sm bends to get this feature in, so unless I'm totally screwing this up PTC needs to fix this tool.