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Kipstar printers


New member
Hi all,
is anyone of you using a Kipstar 2000 series printer with Pro/E?

I have a problem with getting the prints centered, specially the A1 size.
When plotting from Pro/E it always clips a piece from the bottom of the format.
I've tried to mess with most options both in Pro/E and in Kipcon manager without success, in fact no changes seems to be applied at all.....

If first creating a PDF and then printing from Acrobat it comes out nicely,
one difference is that the plot then is rotated 180 degrees.

Any hints?



New member
I have a Kipstar 2000 and I have the same problem you have/had. Did you find a solution to it?

I am in the process of trying to set it up, without luck though. I am using a Designjet600 driver and I copy the file across using the network path (copy %1 \\server\printer) and that works fine, but any attempts to traslate the plot fails. Like you, I have the bottom line disappearing.


New member
This is now resolved on my side. I assigneda postscript driver instead of a HPGL2 driver (ie Designjet 600)and then I coud start controlling the output.



New member
Instead of printing directly to the printer, have it print to a file. Now go to a command prompt and copy that file you create to the printer port. If the plot comes out OK, than it's a windows issue. We have this on some older plotters and an easy soloution is to plot with offsets or plot to a directory and use a batch file to copy them to the plotter.