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joint axis settings not followed


New member
this is the first time i experience this. i'm making a mechanism connection using planar connection and i define all 3 joint axis including the regeneration placement. what is strange is that my component is offset from the regeneration placement in my joint axis setting. anybody knows what is happening? i'm using proe2001 datecode 2002280. anyone, please help i need to solve this problem fast.

thanks in advance.


New member
xcad, i can't. i'm doing that in office and i don't have the authority to release my company's propery.. the animation starts from a start point of my driver. looks strange but kinda acceptable at the moment.. another problem is that sometimes, i lost my joint axis settings when i assembly a subassembly with mechanism connection into a main assembly.. it's okay is you're unable to give me an answer without studying the files.. thanks anyway..


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