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joining curves


New member
hi xcad,

thanx for ur response, but my q is.. if i am create a curve trough

points.on the edge. there are three contineous points along the edge. ok

p1,p2 & p3.

the first curve in between p1 and p2

second curve is in between p2 and p3. ok

if i pick on curve it should show a single entity. can it possible?

i tried as u told. but i can't get as i have prob vth me. okay

any idea in this regards plz ................

by mk


New member
create a comosite curve if it is not showing the said curve as a single entity. then select that curve using query sel.


New member
remember to use approximate instead of exact when using the composite curve command if your curves are not perfectly continuous.

To control the quality of the second curve when use the tangency option when you create a curve thru points. You may have to flip the direction arrows to get things flowing the right direction.

The obvious question is... why dont you build one curve thru all 3 points?