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Jogs: Geo-Datum or Multiple Dimensions?


New member
I'm working on a part that has a surface which is a Geometric Datum, which also happens to be inline with another surface of the part. Is there anyway to put a jog in the leader line of the Geometric Datum? That way I could pull the Datum off of the part and pull the leader line off the surface which is not the datum surface. If there is no way of doing that, how about this: Can you create a Jog on multiple dimension witness lines. If I have muiltiple dimensions coming from the Datum, is there a way to grab all the dims and jog all of them at one time so they're the same. Any thoughts/tips/advice, would be greatly accepted. Thaks for your time!



New member
Sounds like a fake it till you make it situation. In other words, create a note with a leader. The text [-A-] and subtext stating This surface only. I don't think you can jog geometrical datums?


New member

You can establish limits on the flat surface to define where -A- is defined. For example, you can have it apply between limits C and D where the locations of C and D are defined with leaders. Otherwise, I know of no way to jog datum extension lines. You can use the from-to line with an arrow on each end ala C<->D. That feature is available in the GDT menu.



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