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Job Quoting Questions


New member
I am bidding on some freelance Pro/E modeling work. I have never had to bid moedeling jobs. Do any of you have any tips for bidding these?



New member
I had come up with a plan once that based the price on feature per model. (i.e 3-50=$,51-100=$$,100-?=$$$)

also consider how they want them modeled. what i could make in two feature could be made in many more.


New member
Do a per hour or per day rate and have everything in writing up front. Be sure to highlight every change from the original design.

If you go per feature then the customer can perpetually change and delete features and keep the work going forever and create a point to argue when it comes time to pay the bill.



New member
YUP! I'd stick with the advise given by jperkins. I remember literally pulling out all the hair on my head when it came to paying the bill. I had to convince the customer the number of times the idiot made me change the features because of his mistakes in the original drawings!

If there are plenty of drawings, then you can go through all the drawings and fix a flat rate for all (this is possible only if they aren't too complicated). Otherwise, the per hour rate is the one I'd like to suggest you myself.



New member
I have been doing consultant (or freelance) work for years in Pro-E and 3 other major CAD packages. Each company usually requires a bit different approach depending on their needs, but MAKE sure they understand everything up FRONT in writing as to how you will charge them. I go by the job, the hour and by per model, but track time and changes well so there are no questions on the invoice. It is easy to get caught in that being nice trap and regretting it later. Be fair, but firm. R&D work especially can really bite you big in hours if you are not careful.


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