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j-link not autostarting


New member
Hi all.
I have installed a j-link app on 2 different computers
with the same protk.dat file in the startup dir. On one
system the app autostarts fine, on the second, I have
to Utilities > Auxiliary Applications then Register the
protk.dat file and then start the app. Then it runs
fine otherwise.
Does anyone know what can cause this?


New member
Hi Carl,

Seems lika a problem related to the Pro-E installation on the second computer. Which version of Pro/E are you using?

* For Wildfire make sure you have date code 2003.490 or later.

* Make sure that you use the same config.pro files on both machines, with the option jlink_java2 on

* Make sure classpaths are the same on both machines. As it works on one, it should work on the other. They both should look like:

Classpath = .;<<Wildfire loadpoint>>\text\java\pfc.jar;<<Wildfire loadpoint>>\text\java\swingall.jar (Note the .; in the beginning of the classpath variable, without this it will not work).

Hope this can help you.

Best regards

Gustav Skargard

Epsilon, Sweden


New member
I know exactly what can cause this. If you are using an old enough version of Pro/E which needs the timeout patch, you need to install it. If you run pro/e without intralink chances are you've gotten away with not having the patch.Basically its one nmsd.exe file you copy into a folder.

I had the same issue with toolkit apps, they simply would not autoregisteron a few machines but would on every other.

ptc.com/go/timeout will tell you which versions are effected and how to take care of it.