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J-link Configuration


New member
I am just about to begin my sojourn in to the world of Pro/J-Link. I do know Java, but not able to configure the J-Link Environment. Please guide me as How to Configure the J-Link Environment. Document outlining the Step-by-Step approach would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

DN Reddy,GE-Consumer&Industrial


New member
Hi Reddy,

You need to know JAVA if you have to work on jlink.

Any way within proe help there is a guide for jlink system settings.

I am sending you a jlink refrence site.

Hope this helps

Earlier you get familiar with java its better,else dont even explore into jlink.




New member
Hi Joginder,

Greate link and it help me a lot. If you have any other tutorial for Jlink then please forward it to me.

My name is Pauras and i am doing programming in CATIA V5 R12 and now want to have some experience in Proe. So if you have some sample file or tutorials then please let me know.

Good job..

[email protected]


New member
Um...all of that documentation is include with the JLink software. Look in <Pro Loadpoint>\jlink\jlinkdoc\index.html. That also includes a users guide.


New member
Dear All,

Iam in very bad need of J- Link installation in Pro E wildfire 2.0 . I could do the same in Pro E 2001 , But i am not able to do in WF 2.0.

I need java supporting version, path and classpath details and other config details

all about installation and any good book for learning J- Link.

Joginder, vv_Contractor your mail is refering to pro e 2001 right ? can you please help me for WF 2.0

Thanks in advance