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Isel CNC (3 axes)


New member
Did any of you use Pro Engineer with Isel cnc machine (3 axes)?

I work with one client who have Isel cnc machine, which has buy from Germany

I want to make it work with ProE

Can someone help me with some information


New member
You may contact Mike Nye at http://www.proactiveservices.com or 913-642-5038 Fax 913-642-8415 or Larry 614-421-5235 . These guys are fantastic and can make the Pro/E a simple fun even for an ABC user. Mike writes the best Post for any machine and trains new users. These guys are really fantastic.With them You may be proficient in a matter of one week. Believe me all my guys are now using Pro/E for programs for Mill-turns and Milling centers. And they love it


New member

I need information about cooperation between ProE and Isel cnc machines. I work in ProE since 1996-7 and I also know people who can make postprocessors for diferent types of machines