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New member
How is possible to create closed curve or style curve by points?

Or is better to create normal curves?

Because i don`t feel real difference between clasic curves and ISDX

May be i`m wrong but what have ISDX powerfull?

In my opinion is usefful to work like before with projection curves an dcurves defined in two planes

Is more precise




New member

ISDX will not allow a direct closed curve. In fact this creates a situation similar to a circular reference. You can create pre-cursor features to align your isdx curve to. Something like a point on a curve prior to the ISDX feature. This would allow a closed ISDX curve with alignment/control options (tangent, G2 ect...) to the prior features.

I try to utilize curves based on function first and appearance second. Each method, classic curves and ISDX curves, have their respective advantages/dis-advantages. I like classic curves for more direct/precise modeling and ISDX when experimenting. Both have the functionality to be precise with ISDX giving more control in the curvature and weighting of curvature functions. Try to balance the need vs. method.

Two projected curves can become tedious to modify. Also, if you have an inflection point in the form a two projected curve can fail easily.

hope this helps.


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