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Is Pro/Piping useful module?


New member

I got a job to design oil piping system connecting hydraulic cylinder and pump, few connectors and fastening parts.

Is it wise to use Pro/piping system or is it better to go 2D? Is anyone of you guys using Pro/Piping ACTIVELY? On a daily basis?

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It depends on how much piping is involved. The more piping (routing) is involved, the more justified it is. It can be a great benefit.

If there is not much piping, or you don't have the module, then consider using a pipe feature in part mode, or 3d curves and swept blends.

Experiment with them and see what the advantages / disadvantages are.


New member
I use Pro/Piping daily. We design equipment used to manufacture pharmacuticals. Our designs consist of miles and miles of piping, valves, tanks etc. We receive the P&ID drawings from the customer and begin the modelling tasks utilizing Pro/Piping. Pro/Piping makes routing simple and easy for our complex designs.


New member

how did you set up piping environment. Is there any complex setting up task to accomplish? Or is it already ready to use?

I have concerns about setting up piping environment to use pipe routing system and to insert standard Parker/Ermeto fittings and other junk (fasteners and like).

How to setup piping system for automatic recognition (as I've read it is possible) of fittings and other components?