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intralink - workspace


New member
hey folks

We're still new to intralink and have a question about workspaces

Is it possible to transfer an assembly opened outside of intralink

into an existing workspace ?


New member
Another method: Open a workspace then click "OBJECT" and then "IMPORT".

Now browse to where your assembly is and Intralink will fetch it into the workspace as a new object along with all the new parts.

You can use this method to import non PROE stuff too as long as Intralink has been configured to recognise the file exyension types.


New member
maybe I wasn't concise enough with my question...we've been importing all of our pro-e files thru intralink but; this particular assembly opens up correctly outside of intralink but when importing into a workspace it's incomplete and fails all over the place...SO...if I could save/set working directory to an intralink workspace that'd be kewl

thanx for any input



New member
If you have problem after import then it could be a missing part that not is importet, or a part naming conflict. Or something is missing in the import.

Try to analyse what is the real problem. Do not panic because proe goes into failurmode.


New member
Hi Yak

I would advise you to import all the parts first. You have to open each part and then open up the family table and verify then save. You can create a map key to help this. Do this for all you parts. Then bring your assemblies and you have to open each one inside a work space and then open up the family table and verify then save. Once you have all your parts and assemblies checked into Common space open up all your drawings and save.

Note: You have to fix any ghost items before you check in any parts or assemblies. This is a pain because you will find these items because an assembly has had a part removed but there was some kind of reference left behind. Also if there are suppresssed items when you check parts in for the first time these will create ghost items. Drawings (assembly) will also create ghost items because if you used another part for a drawing view this drawing can not find it.

Just remember if you have a ghost item and workspace also states file name already in common space you can just update the ghost item, but make sure it is the part you really want.

Another pain you will have is if there is two totally different parts but have the same name you will get into trouble so make sure you clean any of this up.

P.S. I do know a couple of Config.Pro setting that will help clean up these ghost items from drawings, but these depend on what version of ProE and Intralink you are using.