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Intralink Triggers


New member
I am wondering what softare is required to run Intralink triggers. I had heard that to run Intralink Triggers one must purchase a multisite license but this doesn't seem to make sense to me. I am also interested in finding out how to write triggers so if anyone has any information on how to do that, that wou;d really help me out. Thank you
To run the triggers you need to use Pro/Admin to set the .dll Theres a doc on that tells you how to set them. Creating them I believe that you need Toolkit and C++ compiler, not 100% sure, by the time you can figure out what you want to do you can pay PTC or someone else to make them. A few years ago I had a trigger written through an outside source, they charged $900 to do so. Not worth the time in my book....

You are correct. Intralink single site will not run TOOLKIT apps. I agree that it does not make sense, but the pay back from automation with TOOLKIT pays for any extra software costs.

If you want to write Toolkit applications then you need to buy and learn Pro/TOOLKIT. It costs $20,000 plus maintenance. You also need to know or learn C. You can run TOOLKIT apps withut buying this module, but you will need to buy the apps through a PTC Enterprise Software Partner to stay within PTC's license agreement.

We've done lots of TOOLKIT development and have also cost justified these projects and Intralink Multi Site for many of them. Feel free to drop me an email with any questions.

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