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Intralink to Matrix integration


New member
Is anyone using the MatrixOne to Intralink integration successfully? We are faced with the need to access cad/cam data on a global scale and Intralink is simply not up to the task. I would prefer ugrading to PdmLink but MatrixOne representatives would lead us to believe that if our US based Intralink database were linked to our Matrix database, then users in remore sites would be able to use a Matrix client session to access (checkin and checkout) cad objects from within Intralink via the integration. This just doesn't sound good to me...any comments?


New member
I highly reccommend you don't use Matrix. Find somethng else. We
use the tool as a PDM and the user interface is absolutely
horrible. Everything the tool does with respect to configuration
control is cumbersome and frankly just plain stupid. The tool
seems to be desinged by people who have not the slightest idea what is
involed in hardware configuration management. Some of the simplest most
basic features are completely botched, for example.

1) parts lists are called "Engineering BOM" this term
is typically used for pre-production BOMs ie when the Engineer is still
developing the parts list.

2) You cannot list the items in the BOM in numerical order by the find
or index number, apparently this is not a numeric field because the
part sort ends up as 1, 10, 11, 12...2, 21, 22, 23...3, 30, 31,
32...etc why would the code writers think this is ok??

These seem relatively minor but I could go on and on and on ....with
how stupid this tool is. It is supposed to read the parts list
from Intralink but sometimes it simply just does not work. Feel
free to contact me and I will gladly invite you in to see how
absolutely absurd this tool is.


New member
I have experience of attempts at integrating these products. Without revealing too much an orgaanisation that I worked with spent nearly 3 years attempting to get proe and matrix to work together. The project was eventually abandoned.