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Intralink experiences


New member
Mycompany is looking at purchasing Intralink, and I need to justify it to the management group. Our current system uses an Excel spreadsheet to track and assign part numbers. This worked fine when there were two engineers, but now that the company has grown to 10 full time plus 3 contractors,we find ourselves tripping overeach other. We are also implementing Oracle as an ERP system, and I didn't know how Intralink and Oracle work to gether.

I would like to know what others have experienced in bringing Intralink online and whether it has saved money in the short and long term. Any advise or comment on this would be great.




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For power better shortly understanding its logic of Intralink descro the scheme and the use.

Intralink divides him in two separate environments but tightly connected, the CommonSpace, space of job common to all the consumers that he/she resides on a server and the WorkSpace, space of personal job for every consumer that resides on the single computer. This is possible being a denominated application Client-Server.

In the CommonSpace all the models reside created with Pro/E, the models are filed with the possibility to effect some searches that go from the use of the name from the code assigned to the model and for all that parameters that have been in partnership to the same model.

In the WorkSpace they find place all the models of which a consumer has need for the realization of a new model or that models servants for the first time that up to when you/they are not brought in the CommonSpace they are not usable from other models.

Recapitulating and simplifying the discourse on Intralink we can affirm that a model can be "put" in the CommonSpace, therefore to disposition of whom has the authorization of it, only after having been created in the WorkSpace, equally a model cannot be modified in the CommonSpace but it goes "brought" in the WorkSpace, modified and "brought" in the CommonSpace, Intralink in automatic it will manage the change filing the preceding version and the new one making available. Obviously if the modified component is used together by an e/o you/he/she has been done the mass of it in table (sketch 2d) both him together that the sketch they will result modified reflecting the changes brought to the part (. prt).

Other thing that I hold important is the fact that its society is appraising a system of ERP in Oracle, only this should make to decide the implementation of Pro/Intralink thinking about the integration that can be realized you draw two worlds, not easy but feasible.

Nino Di Pietrantonio


This document has been translated by Italian into English in automatic.


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There is a lot of cost, both time and money, involved with Intralink.

The biggest investment would be time to set up Intralink and than train the users.

However, if many people are working on the same project/product,

it should be worth the investment, in the long run.



New member
It is not that painful to train really.

Since you work without system today you can start with less functionality and just learn the basics about data management in intralink like check-in check-out and search functions. You can skip release procedures ECR's for a later date when you feel ready for it.

To set it up takes 1-2 days for a skilled consultant, alittle bit depending of how well you have prepared the migration.

If you organize your files and have your excel sheet matching your data it can be batch loaded quite easily.

My advice is go for a pdm system that handles pro/e native files and all of its dependencies. Intralink is excellent in managing ptc files. Its also capabel of handling MS-office files and other 2D-drawing files, like Acad.

To get it smooth'n'easy, not quick'n'dirty,first train at least one person that will administer the system later. Doing so it will be easier to understand the system capabilities and decide how you want the system to be set up.



New member
As far as I'm informed Intralink is based on an Oracle database, so they should work together, one would imagine.

With regard to article numbers. Tracking can be done through Intralink, and it will also prevent creating duplicates but assigning numbers is not automatic.



New member

You will need it! We had four people working on ProE before Intralink, and we were always loosing files, overwriting, or putting the files outside of seach path. I would not work for a company now using ProE without some sort of File manager, because I been and seen both sides. I do not want to have to go through that pain again.

I also agree with Ankarl, Intralink is not hard to implement or use, just get your structure sound first. I checked in about 10,000 files into our Intralink in about 4 days, the pain is cleaning broken assemblies from not having Intralink.



New member
I agree with most of them in that Intralink is not that hard to learn and implement. There are other options but Intralink Server is FREE to maintenance people, and the client license is included with many of the license packages that people buy now or you can get them tossed in pretty cheap.
The toughest part will be getting the data into the database and finding missing files etc. I would highly recomend that you find someone that has done this because they can show you the ropes and save you a boatload of time.