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Intralink : bulk rename & copy attribute values?


Hi folks.

We've got a requirement to rename a whole bunch of Intralink/Pro/E files (500 initially, more to follow) - to fit in with Windchill of all things. So I've got a couple of questions:

1 - does anyone know of a script to automate the rename process? - eg: give it a list of replace AAAA with BBBB & let it run thru the database?

2 - we want to retain a record of the old part no. under a legacy attribute. So - can you copy the part no. value to an attribute? Maybe an SQL hack, I don't know.

I've already asked PTC Tech Support, but they have no scripts to help on this one...

Looks like it may end up a long data-entry exercise :-(


New member

I don't have any answers to your questions but I do have a

question of my own as we have started looking into Windchill

as well.

Why do you have to rename these files in Intralink in order

to get them into what I'd assume to be PDMLink?




The story behind our renaming is:

We've got 2 different product lines (previously 2 separate companies) - and we're starting to store them in the same server. We also use Windchill Enterprise (not PDMLink just now) - so everything has a windchill no. which is sequential, non-intelligent.

We plan to rename the Pro/E numbers to the sequential WC no. so every one is unique. Cos as you know, Intralink won't allow 2 Pro/E parts with the same number.



New member
Hi Ed,

You could create a system wide attribute in ilink, then the attribute will be assigned to all CS objects.

start pro,

open an object

rename it

add the attribute

save it,

now you can take the trail file from the pro session, and use that as the main coding to rename all files in any given directory/list.txt

you could use a table compiled in excel to store the data

1 column = old number

1 column = renamed number

1 column = attribute that is added to an object.

a script can be compiled to use the mapkey as the coding and the excel sheet as a lookup

using a dir /p/s you will get a single col in dos to use to import into excel for compiling the dataset.

I had a script that did something similar, I'll check...

This is dos ..isn't it??

Or is it Unix?

Olaf Corten has something for Unix on his webpage...




Cheers bob, that's useful.

(It's a windows system.)

I was starting to think along the lines of maybe Intralink scripting.. after seeing a presentation @ the user conference.

don't know if a pro/e mapkey can rename an object in Intralink - I think you need to be in Commonspace.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.



After looking back at the PTC/USER conference CD & Bob Mills' presentation about Intralink scripting, I recorded a script to add a legacy part no. & this works well.

With some javascript compiling (in place of his AWK) - I ran the script on 440 objects in a matter of minutes! Excellent work, which saved a lot of typing. (got the export of part no. list from an Intralink print > text file)

Next step will be the rename procedure, which will be similar.

The Ilink 3.3 interface for scripting is a lot better than 3.2 used to be - it allows you to record, recompile (after editing with a text editor) & run scripts direct. This kind of scripting is definitely going to come in handy... look out for a new tool sometime on CADmin.co.uk



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