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Intralink and Oracle Names server


New member
I am in the begining stages of migrating from 3.2 to 3.4 on Unix. The
Oracle DBA has requested how Intralink connects / resolves database
connections. Typically this is done using an Oracle Names Server.
And of cource our current oracle name server is being moved to another
facility. Being Oracle challenged, how do I find the
current names server if one is required, If not how does Intralink
resolve database connections?

I appreciate any help provided.

Jeff Ruff


There's a file called tnsnames.ora in the Pro/I client loadpoint - that includes info like Host, Port, SID, etc...

If you're changing servernames, be sure to get everyone to check inand remove their workspaces, since you usually get errors if you try to use a workspace with a different server.