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Intralink 3.3 Upgrade


New member
I am a new ProE administrator preparing for an Intralink 3.3 upgrade and I am wondering if any one has any advice for me. Does this gererally work like a wizard? Are there hang ups? Is there a must read to do this properly? Any help on what I'm in for would be appreciated.


The Intralink 3.2 - 3.3 upgrade is pretty straightforward (certainly the simplest Intralink upgrade I've ever done!).

As I recall, it's a case of running the new intralink CD, it takes care of the rest.

Always make sure you have a full backup/dump file of your database before you proceed !


(ps - more info about Intralink upgrades here: http://www.cadmin.co.uk/intralink_upgrade.htm )


New member

You will need first to upgrade to 3.3 2003290 and then apply the M021 patch. As such, you should ugrade just the fileserver, reboot, upgrade just the dataserver, reboot. Make sure you don't have any errors in the message window except the SMTP one (if you don't use mail). It helps to set the PROI_SYS_PWD (fschangeme or dschangeme, I'm not at my desk so I'm not certain, but it is the default one) and ORA_SYS_PWD (manager by default) in the user-defined variables in Control Panel>System so it can run everything cleanly. Don't bother with the client unless you are curious to test if the 2003290 went well. Remember, if you try to install the client you will need to apply all the timeout patches or the client won't work.

Skipping the 3.3 2003290 client, then run the M021 fileserver upgrade, reboot, run the M021 dataserver upgrade, reboot (again!), then install the 3.3 M021 client.

This of course assumes you've made nice backups of your 3.2 data in case disaster strikes. Also, it assumes you haven't changed the location of the filevault or moved to a different server.

If you have decent hardware and a typical install, give yourself 3-4 hours to complete it, minus installing the local clients which we just copy from a master.