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intermediate saving the drawing


New member
hello all;

I am using PRO/E wildfire. I will like to know is there any possiblity
for making settings in pro E like in word or Auto cad to save the
drawings automatically afters a cetrain period of time to avoid the
data loss of unsaved drawings because of sudden shut down. Also is
there possiblity to make proe to notify oyu if you have not saved the
drawing and are exiting out.

thank you



<h2>Prompt on exit</h2>

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="8" width="100%">
<t><tr valign="top">

<td ="content">[*]Default setting - no
[*]To add a prompt to save all objects in memory when exiting Pro/E, add the following line to the local config.pro:
[*]prompt_on_exit yes</td></tr></t>
from http://www.cadmin.co.uk/proehelp/file.htm