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interchange ?


i just came across this in the menu. and i can not get it to do anything?

does it do as the name suggests?

ie i have a assembly a1. and it has 2 interchangeable
subassemblies b1 and b2. will this set it up so i can just alternate
between assemble a1-b1 and a1-b2?

and if so how?


New member
What version are you using?

I think you can do it , but you need a layout. There was a presentation at the users conference in 2002 that did this.

Also pro/program should be able to handle this


dam i am in all sorts of strife then

-never used a layout.

-i can not go back in time to 2002 :) ( can i d/l the presentation somewhere )

-never used pro-progrtam


New member
Interchange is a seperate assembly into which you assemble the items you want to be able to exchange. They can be parts or assemblies. Then you set reference tags for each item you put in the interchange (i.e. datum planes, axis,etc) so they would be assembled the same way. This allows you to use the replace command to replace an item without having to define it, the same way you can do a family table member.

With Pro-Program, you can automate the process.

Good Luck,