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Interchange Assemblies


Hello all,

My problem: I have an assembly that has a spindle in it. The seal that goes on this spindle is on an interchange assembly with another seal from a different family table. But the spindle is also on an interchange assembly also. When I am interchanging both the spindle and the seal, the seal loses its reference to to its location on the spindle due to a different surface. Previously the seal was interchanged with the autotagging references and this was also done for the spindle. Can someone tell me how to overcome this problem and tell the interchange assy that the surfaces on the two spindles should be the same reference.

Thanks in advance,

you can solve this problem by selecting assly dtm planes as references for assembling spindle and seal

hope this helps u
To those who have read my message, it appears that a 2nd regeneration is required when 2 interchange items are called up with reference to each other. After this, the missing reference disappears. Has anyone else encountered this problem?