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Intent Manager Keys in Sketcher Gone


New member
I have gotten the latest build code for ProE 2001. When I upgraded to eliminate one problem, My Intent Manager window went away. Intent manager is still active but it has to be used throught the pull down menu. Does anyone know how to turn on the window with the shortcut keys?




New member
I'm relatively new at PROE and I don't have a copy of it running on my desktop at this time. I think you can go TOOLS / OPTIONS ... and do a find on INTENT. I think one of the options allows you to make it enabled or on as the default. My memory may be bad but take a look there. You'll have to save the this in config.pro file that is read when you start PROE for it to be remain in effect each time you start.


New member
Ihave already set the option in config.pro for sketcher_intent_manager to yes. The intent manager is active but I have no shortcut keys.