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Intent chain


New member
In ProE 2001 it seems possible to select an intent chain. As an advanced user this sounds to me as an interesting selection method. But I didn't manage to get anything selected with it.

I read in the help files and on http://www.synthx.com/tom/sy_tip_0205.htm

but it still doesn't work.

It seems that the config option LOGICAL_OBJECTS is obsolete.

Does anyone have ever selected something with the intent chain? I wonder what I do wrong.

Hugo van Andel,


The Netherlands

PS: I work with 2001 (2002140) for a year now and all my models have been created with it.


New member
The intent chain does work well with 2001.

The config option Logical_objects is not obsolete but is a hidden config option. It is required to be set incase u are using Pro/E models created in the old releases of Pro/E


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