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Intel Motherboards & Wildfire


New member
Hi All!

I am running the following:

Wildfire on an P4 2.6ghz cpu on an Intel D875PBZ motherboard w/ win XP, 4GB DDR ram, Nvidia Quadro 500 video. I also have a user on a P4 3.2ghz, Intel D925XVC mb, 4GB of hyperX DDR2 RAM. Both of them try to open a top assembly with close to 2,000 parts and the total size is close to 2.8gb. When these users try to open this assembly, they get booted stating they are out of resources. Now I have another user using the D875PBZ board and specs and he is able to open it. I also have a user with an ASUS P4C800-E mb w/ 4 gb of DDR RAM and he is able to open it. All have the /3GB Switch.

Our Pro/E Guru thinks it is the Intel motherboard. I am not convinced of this.