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Instead of creating a shell

I have a very complex part and I can't create a specific shell. I s there a way to offset the edges in order to define the limits of my shell...and just using cut extrusion to create a shell???? I hope I am scrutable
Essentially what the Shell command does if apply a normal offset to all surfaces. If the shell thickness (offset distance) is greater than the radius of curvature of a given surface, the shell command cannot construct geometry.

I think what you want to do is:

1. Create offset surfaces using either the Auto Fit or Controlled Fit options. (Insert > Surface > Offset in 2001, Edit > Offset in WF)

2. Merge the surfaces together to form a quilt. (Insert > Surface Operation > Merge in 2001, Edit > Merge in WF)

3. Create a cut using the quilt (Insert > Cut > Use Quilt in 2001, Edit > Solidify with the Remove Material option in WF).

And both 2001 and WF allow different offsets for different surfaces in the Shell command.
Be careful with the auto fit option, it will vary your wallstock considerably in some areas depending on how crazy the surfaces are.

You could putting the shell in before adding the rads, but then you will have to add them to both inside and outside later.