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instance operation


New member

Could anyone help to figure out how to use family table to model instances? I have the generic all set, I also went into the family tab to creat a new instance, with all the new dimensions, but when i open this instance, it is saying :"could not construct geature geometry." it is a really simple sweep protrusion with couple dimension changed, i could'nt figure out why. Pls help.

Is there any online tutorial for this instance operation too? appreciate it.



New member
Have you verified on your generic model that you can get your desired
geometry with the dimensions your are inputing into your instance?

Another option would be to create your family table, add you dimensions
to change but don't change them in the table. Open the new
instance and modify the dimensions. Pro/E will tell you it is
modifying an instance which is what you need to do, but you will be
able to see if the model will actually regenerate after your


New member
Use resolve and choose "Failed Geometry" if it exists. This will show you where your instance is failing. The instance is failing because the geometry is not geometrically possible.