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installing proe w in 2k


New member
Anyone succeded in installing proew in w2k?

I got it working in a wxp machine...but when I run it in my w2k, it won't start and generates std.err:

RAISING SIGNAL...signal 11

signal 11, i suppose means segmentation fault..

I check the license server and it's cool...any idea??


New member
I've seen existing config files do this before.

Check to ensure there aren't any existing,, config.sup files that it may be reading. These files would be located in the computer's home directory (C:\ unless specified with the HOME envirionment variable) and in the startup location specified by the Pro/ENGINEER shortcut.


New member
I've had this error before when my video board drivers are out-of-date/incompatible. Try downloading the updated drivers (or even reverting to older versions if this fails).